Current Payroll

Check here to find a current, up-to-date list of our crew. We’ll add information about each individual person over time. For now, though, you’ll have to deal with this.

Ship: Gilded Leviathan

Captain: Davenport

First Mate: Laroque

Second Mate: Sal

Navigator: Milton

Lookout: Raper

Shipwright: Agent

Doctor: Wilkins

Quartermaster: Gaskin

Cabin Boy: Noble

Others as Necessary


Killed, Lost, or Missing Persons include:

Former Shipwright/Doctor Elias (Defunct)

Former Second Mate/Captain Cisco (Defunct to Captain Corbett)

Former Lookout Rowles (Defunct to Captain Corbett)

Former Doctor Whitefield (Defunct)

Former First Mate Wagner (Missing, possibly dead)


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