Captain’s Log Week 3

Ahoy there,

We are now heading out on our search for that traitor, Elias. And, joining us are some new crew members! Allow me to reveal the results of our new crew member selection! Joining us for Second Mate is Sal! And for Lookout we have Raper! The winner of the Doctor position is Wilkins! And, finally, joining us as our new Shipwright is Agent!

This week will be spent familiarizing the new crew members with the ship and how we run things here.

Laroque still hasn’t found that verse for you that he swears he had. We will also be cleaning the entire ship so maybe it will indeed be found.

As we are now leaving port, I should have quite the report to make for you next week.

I apologize now that the reveal of the new crew members is the most you get for now. Speaking of, you will now find their names listed on the Current Payroll tab.


Captain Davenport


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