Captain’s Log Week 2

Ahoy there,

Unfortunately Laroque hasn’t been able to locate that verse that he promised you. I wouldn’t blame him either. He’s exhausted. We’re all tired actually. Good thing we’ve made it to Haleton. We need to pick up a few supplies and new crew members. First, let me show you something that the current boys managed to put together. It’s a neat little diagram and you’ll be able to locate it under the Current Payroll tab. So here it is:


It is accurate right now but hopefully we’ll have more crew members by next week. So here’s what I’m going to do for you.

I’m looking to fill the position of Second Mate, Lookout–as Milton can’t continue this double duty–, Doctor, and Shipwright. I’d be willing to hire another Ship’s Doctor as Elias served me before he left. Anyway . . . .

So I’ve met a few guys that may be good fits for my crew. Laroque and Quartermaster Gaskin have helped me narrow the list down to two candidates per position. I’ll provide you with a brief description of what I know of these people then I’ll open up a voting station for you to decide which ones will join my crew. See below.

For Second Mate:

Dino: Originally from the Southern Isles, Dino was moved to the Eastern Continent, East Kingdom, when he was just a boy. The move was because the orphanage he lived at was too full so they sent the older boys along to the salt mines of the East Kingdom to serve as laborers. He remained with the salt mines until he was full grown and had saved up enough gold to afford a place of his own. He lasted about six months with a real job, cutting hair or something, until he became bored and joined the East Kingdom’s navy. This is where he met his first pirate crew and was taken on as a general crewman due to his past as a laborer, strength, and abilities. Well, Dino learned quickly and soon left his first crew to sign on as First Mate. Dino didn’t say why he’s beached now but is looking for another adventure.

Sal: An unusual candidate, she is. Sal was born to one of the highest noblemen in the Northern Kingdom on the West Continent. She became engaged to the prince before she could even walk. Pampered and trained to be a proper young lady, Sal was scheduled to marry the prince shortly after she turned fourteen. However, before the wedding, she slept with another man–captain of a passing pirate crew–and buried their daughter a year later, who had died from sickness. Evidently, the prince had no intention of marrying her after she slept with another man so he moved on and Sal’s father disowned her. She was forced to work to support herself–wouldn’t say what kind of job she got but I don’t think it’s hard to imagine. When she was fifteen, the father of her daughter returned to the harbor. It had only been a few months since the child had died. Sal ran into the captain on the streets but he didn’t seem to recognize her. Hearing that the man was looking for a cabin boy, Sal disguised herself as a boy and was hired. She remained with this crew for a long time, long enough for the truth to come out, and finds herself on land now only because the captain died a month ago and the former first mate took it upon himself to fire the captain’s men. Sal isn’t her real name–it was the name she took when she was disguised as a boy–but she thinks it’s a better fit for her pirate life than her original name.

For Lookout:

Raper: Raper is a young boy whose only experience with the sea so far has been sticking his feet in the waters of the harbor at Haleton in the Northern Islands. He was born to a blacksmith but has never had an interest in taking up the trade himself. Raper is the oldest of seven children and wants to leave home now, at 13, because his parents are struggling to support the family. The blacksmith business has been slow. Raper’s always enjoyed going down to the docks and he feels the only he’ll be able to get a job worth leaving for is if he can go out to sea. Having applied to the navy, Raper’s only option is becoming a pirate. He has sharp eyes and claims to have memorized the distinct characteristics of each kingdom’s navies as well as different pirate ships.

Pascal: From the Southwestern Kingdom of the West Continent, Pascal has been sailing since he was first able to walk. His father was the First Mate of one of the last great ships to be claimed by the sunken city of Argo Bay. Pascal says that he was on leave at that time, in one of the Northern Islands, while his crew went on to the Bay without him. Didn’t mention what the leave was for, but Pascal said he was serving as the crew’s lookout before the leave. He’d been with the same crew his whole life until they never returned. So he joined a new pirate crew after he had waited long enough and served as an apprentice to the ship’s cook. It was then that he found out what had happened. This ship sailed the world before returning to the Northern Islands where the crew disbanded and Pascal was left to wait once more.

For Doctor:

Sammy: Hailing from the Southeastern Kingdom of the West Continent, Sammy was from an uneducated poor family. He was a bright young child, his parents’ only child, so his father scraped together everything he could to send Sammy to the best school in the kingdom, even though there was a relatively cheap one right in his village. Well, while he was away at school, Sammy met a doctor who traveled a lot and served all of the kingdom’s best men. He saw Sammy’s passion and intelligence and offered to train the boy. Sammy’s traveled around the Southeastern Kingdom ever since, serving the men that his mentor had served before he passed. Seeing the same patients day in and day out and the same landscape had begun to bore Sammy so he jumped on the first passenger ship to anywhere that he could and has ended up in Haleton. He’s looking for a new adventure and wants to see the world.

Wilkins: Born to the West Kingdom of the Eastern Continent’s king’s brother, Wilkins was abused as a child. His father, a prince in title only, blamed Wilkins for that which had happened before he had even been born–that being that he had been born the younger brother and therefore did not inherit the thrown. Bruised and battered, Wilkins ran away from the palace when he was but ten. He moved from place to place doing whatever job he could get, mostly jobs that no one else wanted. Of course, he never told a soul that he had been born a prince. A hard life taught him humility. Wilkins began to work in one of the harbor towns of the West Kingdom when one of the smaller pirate crews came by. The cabin boy took a shine to him and convinced the captain to take Wilkins onboard where he did a little of everything. The doctor noticed he had an aptitude for healing and made him his permanent apprentice. Well, the first mate of this crew betrayed him and the captain both, which ended in the murder of the young cabin boy, whom Wilkins had adopted as his younger brother. Wilkins had to leave so he stole a life boat and paddled to the nearest port he could find–which happened to be Haleton.

For Shipwright:

Haar: Haar is from one of the three Southern Isles. He spent his childhood breaking stones to support his mother and little sister. When he came of age, he apprenticed to a carpenter. He spent the next twenty years rebuilding every home in his village with more sturdy structures without charging anyone. He said it was to repay the favors that they had granted to his mother when she was struggling, giving them eggs here and medicine there. Unfortunately his mother passed before the project had been finished but still he persevered and completed it in her memory. His little sister went on to marry a merchant and now has kids of her own. The village didn’t need him any more so Haar boarded his brother in law’s ship and sailed for a while before asking to stay behind at Haleton to embark on his own adventure.

Agent: Agent never mentioned where he comes from. He did say that his village burned down when he was a young child. With nowhere to go, Agent allowed himself to be picked up by a traveling slaver. He still bears the mark of the years of his captivity. He didn’t say who bought him or where he ended up. Agent did say that eventually he got bored of being a slave so he ran away. He allowed himself to be recaptured only so he could experience what it felt like to be punished severely. His master then sold him to someone else, who had him trained in shipbuilding. Once Agent became a master at shipbuilding, he ran away again and managed to get hired on by his first pirate crew. He never told them of his past. I believe this is the first time he’s spoken of it, even displayed the brand for us. I don’t know what his motive is or even why he revealed his troubled past to us.

That’s all for now. Take your time with the voting, we have all week. That means we’ll be in Haleton until then but that’s fine. I want to ask around and see if anyone’s seen any sign of Elias, or Corbett for that matter. Even a rumor will do.


Captain Davenport


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