Captain’s Log Week 1


As you can see, we’re still trying to put the new log together. There’s a verse out there that mentions the secret of Orslone City that I’d like to share with you–written by one of the city’s founders or something–but I can’t currently locate it. I’ll try to have it up by next week.

So this log will be updated once a week on either Saturday or Sunday. We’ll share with you everything that’s happened to us in that week. Keep in mind, though, our goal is to find the former Ship’s Doctor Elias, who also happens to be my long lost older brother Eliseo.

If you would like to take a look at the treasures we secured from our expedition to Argo Bay, you can find the log here: The Treasure of Argo Bay. There will also be a tab located at the top of this log where you will always find the old log.

So far on our new voyage, we’ve left the Bay and began sailing towards the port at Haleton once again. There’s been no sign of the lifeboat that Elias took as well as no sign of the lifeboat that Corbett and company escaped in a few days ago.

That’s all for now.


First Mate Future Captain Laroque . . . er, Whire . . . um, I think I’ll stick with Laroque.


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